Kodi Windows 64 Bit (v18.0 Alpha) for Newer Windows PCs and Laptops

This is the (experimental) 64-bit release of Kodi for Windows, aka Kodi Windows 64 Bit.

The 64-bit Kodi installer for Windows is a standard Windows EXE File (“executable” file) to install Kodi on x64 Windows PCs and laptops.

Notice:  This is an experimental, unstable version of Kodi which is still in development.  Install at your own risk.

Users of 64-bit Windows PCs will benefit from dramatically improved performance benefits that results from 64-bit processing, vs 32 bit processing.


Enjoy the 64-bit processing power of Kodi Windows 64 Bit.  This is currently a nightly, or experimental version (or “build”) of Kodi.

This version of Kodi works with PCs that have newer processors, or in technical terms have x64-based CPUs (as opposed to 32-bit CPUs, which older computers have).


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