CetusPlay TV Version APK (TV Server for Firestick & Fire TV, See Details)

This CetusPlay TV Version APK File is for Firestick, Fire TV and Android TV boxes.

Basically, you install this on your Firestick / Fire TV.

Then you simply use the CetusPlay Mobile app to connect to your Firestick and install the CetusPlay “receiver” onto your Firestick.  After that, the best apps are just one “Install” button away.

If you have trouble installing CetusPlay on Firestick or Fire TV, use the APK file in this download.


This is the TV / Firestick / Fire TV version of CetusPlay APK file for TV devices.  It’s basically the “server” part, because the best feature of CetusPlay is its ability to link your smartphone to your Firestick / Fire TV.  Then use it to easily install the best apps on your Firestick.

The “server” version of CetusPlay APK works on Android TV boxes, as well.

CetusPlay is a Virtual Fire TV Remote and Third Party Android App Store all-in-one.


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